Is investing in housing a losing proposition? The best U.S. cities for house flipping Buying a house, renovating it and reselling it as quickly as possible. The lowest numbers of days to flip among the 20 cities are posted in Memphis (111 days) and San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara,

Racial differences in mortgage denials over the housing cycle: Evidence from U.S. metropolitan areas. We explore differences in mortgage denials between Black and White applicants.. Black borrowers are denied more frequently than White borrowers, but this difference in denial rates.

By Freddie Allen NNPA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) – As the housing market recovers a new report by the Urban Institute shows that Black borrowers "have been disproportionately shut out of the market." According to the report titled, "Where Have All the Loans Gone? The Impact of Credit Availability on Mortgage Volume," the share of [.]

Mortgage rates tick up slightly hispanic households grow, accounting for more than half of new homeowners Households headed by a black person earn on average little more than half of what the average white households earns. And in terms of their median net worth, white households are about 13 times as wealthy as black households – a gap that.

Higher pay drives home sales, but most new jobs are low wage FOMC keeps buying mortgage bonds, but hawkish sentiment shines through 15 Questions That Are Way Better Than ‘What Do You Do. – An envelope alli orlistat 60 mg colombia While the tapering discussion has impacted mortgage markets, with increased optimism partially helping the rate increases, it appears the reaction may be slightly overdone given the realization of the large increase in mortgage-backed and longer term treasury securities on the Fed’s balance sheet. While the Federal Reserve has announced it’s likely.Obama Scorecard: Foreclosure programs aid 1.4 million homeowners Obama Scorecard: Foreclosure programs aid 1.4 million homeowners – The making home affordable program has assisted more than 1.4 million distressed borrowers since its inception, the Obama Administration said in its December Housing Scorecard report.HOPE.Neither salary would put a person in the position of easily affording a home. Two low-income earners leads to an annual income of roughly $41,000.

Potential for Discrimination throughout the Mortgage Lending Process. A Simple Model of Endogeneity in the Loan Denial Equation.. The key point here is that some factors that influence a lender's expected rate of return may.. According to these investigative audits, blacks were also more likely than equally qualified.

Shadow inventory declines to five-month supply: CoreLogic JPMorgan raises home price forecast, sees long road to recovery Accounting’s Tower of Babel: Fair value – Oct. 30, 2008 –  · A proponent concedes that changes to fair-value accounting rules are necessary, but says mark-to-market accounting does a fair job of assessing a company’s financial health.The shadow inventory, which some analysts believe could impact the housing recovery when the properties hit the market, represented $239 billion in homes, a 3.7 months of supply, the firm estimates. "Over the past year, the value of the U.S. shadow inventory dropped by $87 billion–a sign of increased normalcy in the housing market," CoreLogic.

A new measure of mortgage application denials suggests getting a loan might be even tougher for lower-credit borrowers than previously thought. In a report rele

Urban Institute: Mortgage denials for black borrowers worse than thought. A Twitter fight broke out among industry leaders last month on whether African-American borrowers are denied at about 32% (within the historic norm) or as high as 56%, as claimed by the head of the largest mortgage banking trade association.

The already large racial wealth gap between white and black American households. they are a more expensive type of debt than other instruments such as mortgages. Blacks are particularly less likely.

Recent news articles suggest that the significantly higher mortgage denial rates for black and Hispanic borrowers establish the presence of racial discrimination in mortgage lending. However, traditional mortgage denial metrics are flawed because they don’t control for the creditworthiness of applicants.