With mortgage rates close to record lows, 95% of refinancing homeowners are going with fixed-rate loans, according to Freddie Mac. More borrowers are also opting for shorter mortgages, with 40% of.

Refinancing your home loan. A shorter, more transparent refinance process. online platform lets you track your refinance every step of the way. Ideal for the homeowner who wants to refinance, but. Homeowners who choose a longer term loan can always make an extra principal payment when finances allow.

Homeowners should choose home loan packages based on their needs instead of trying to take advantage of short-term interest rate movements. Therefore, many customers have opted for a more stable.

Use rising home prices. lowest rate you can. Refinancing into a shorter-term fixed-rate loan can save you money in two ways: the interest rate is lower than a 30-year fixed-rate loan, and the.

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What this means for you-shorter terms may not pay for refinancing. However, serial refinancers may end up losers in the long run. If they reduce the term of their loan too much, they may end up end up not saving enough on lower interest rates over the course of the loan to pay for the cost of refinacing.

More than a third of homeowners who have refinanced their homes recently have shortened their loan terms, according to data released this month by mortgage giant freddie Mac. That’s the largest percentage of mortgage refinances converted from 30-year, fixed rate loans to 15- or 20-year loans since 2003.

Still, student loan borrowers can get mortgages, and the new policies give those borrowers more. consider refinancing your student loans with a private student lender to get a lower rate and.

 · En español | Refinancing your mortgage is like picking low-hanging fruit when rates are low because you can easily save money on monthly payments.. If you’re among the 4.4 million retired homeowners with mortgage debt, or expect to be one in the future, the savings can help provide a more comfortable retirement.

We don’t plan on being in the same condo for more than a couple. it’s a no-brainer "home run" refinance. But there are times when you might choose a longer loan term and lower payment simply.

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