From Tax Cuts, Deficits & Debt to the Next Recession. The massive deficits will require the central bank to raise interest rates perhaps even faster and higher than before. Slowing foreigners’ purchases of U.S. government bonds to pay for the accelerating debt, may require the Fed to raise rates still further.

MGIC Loses $97.9 Million in Q2; Early Trouble in 2008 Vintage? MGIC Investment Corp. (NYSE:MTG) Q2 2008 Earnings call july 17. For the quarter, we reported a net loss of $97.9 million with a diluted loss per share of $0.79. During the quarter we insured $14.

On the corporate tax cut: "We expect that the corporate tax rate will be reduced from 35% to 25% (the Republicans are currently aiming at 20%). However, this tax relief will not be directly reflected.

S&P expects only moderate tax cuts will be passed early next year .

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It is early, of course, to judge the full impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Minnesota’s economy. The Act was passed in December 2017, just over eight months ago, and it went into effect a month later.

US and European stocks tumbled Thursday amid unease over hawkish commentary from central banks, while the euro rose to its highest level in more than a year against the dollar. The single currency powered to a 13-month high, building on Wednesday’s 12-month peak after European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi offered a more positive economic.

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 · Not only are our legislators acting irresponsibly and recklessly, but the Republican Party is now considering more permanent tax cuts. Should economic growth moderate, tax receipts diminish and undisciplined spending continue, stock valuations will likely continue to contract.

The massive tax cuts on the rich in the early 1920s took most of a decade to cause problems. The far more moderate tax cuts of 2001 arguably were just one of several factors that fed into massive inequality and the instability that happened in 2008.

The Senate proposal doubles the estate tax exemption but does not repeal after six years it as the House version does. Upon completion, tax reform should provide some late-cycle fiscal stimulus. As for S&P 500 earnings per share growth, Citi analysts expects 10-11% gains in 2017 to moderate to 6-7% in 2018 before tax cuts are taken into account.

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, enacted in December 2017, affects Otelco’s taxes in 2017, as well as future tax years. Bonus depreciation was increased from 50% to 100%, beginning in 2017, with the Company realizing a benefit of over $0.6 million in fourth quarter 2017.