Fed’s Bullard says rates won’t have to rise much higher – Bloomberg 1 Min Read St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank president james bullard speaks at a public lecture in Singapore October 8, 2018.

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BEIJING (Reuters) – U.S. interest rates. fed officials felt the U.S. economy could be ready for another interest rate increase. A possible British exit from the European Union in a vote next month.

. Committee voted 9-1 to keep the benchmark rate in a target range of 2.25% to 2.5%, where it has been since December’s controversial quarter-point increase. St. Louis Fed President James Bullard.

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With U.S. growth likely to slow this year, the U.S. Federal Reserve has come to the "end of the road" on its current interest-rate hike cycle, St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James.

The comments by Bullard, who was among the earliest advocates of the rate cut the Fed implemented last week, seemed to distance the central bank from the market’s stark reaction to recent threats by President Donald Trump to raise tariffs on Chinese imports and to declare the country a "currency manipulator.

Fed’s Bullard: Fed Will Take Further Rate Changes Meeting by Meeting Cuts made so far have added quite a bit of stimulus to the outlook, St. Louis Fed chief says

Since then, the Fed has raised rates four times to a range of 1% to 1.25%, and markets see a decent chance of a December rate increase. Bullard is not convinced: "The main news this year in the.

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Instead of "Don’t fight the Fed" (as it lowers interest rates), the new view is that the Fed is now more likely to raise rates faster. could end gridlock says Fed’s Bullard” The Republican sweep of.

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The Federal Reserve should start raising interest rates next year, a top Fed official said on Monday, arguing that many years of near-zero rates will do little to return economic output to pre-recession levels and risks causing disaster. St. Louis Fed President James.

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Fed’s Bullard says better than 50 percent chance of Fed hike in September, by Michael Flaherty, Reuters. James Bullard: There Is "A 50% Probability" That The Fed Will Raise Rates In September, ValueWalk. June 3, 2015.