As a reminder. that first week’s volatility was a harbinger of the wild gyrations that would spook investors for months to come. The week itself wasn’t so bad, if you didn’t have to live through.

House Committee approves Mortgage Choice Act By a vote of 30-26 earlier this week, the House Financial Services Committee approved the "The Financial CHOICE Act of 2016" (H.R. 5983), the bill released in July 2016 by committee chairman jeb hensarling to replace the Dodd-Frank Act. All Democrats on the Committee voted against the bill as did one Republican member.

Quadruple Witching: What It Is, And Why You Should Know This. On a day like today, therefore, which happens to be the third Friday in June, individual stock futures, individual stock options, index futures, and index options all expire together. The result of that, though, is often not as big as many people imagine.

U.S. stocks closed lower Friday, for the first weekly decline in a month. Traders were also on the watch for any effects of “quadruple witching day” on Wall Street, the simultaneous quarterly.

Year-to-date. market economist at First Standard Financial. "I don’t think it’s significant in the sense it’s the beginning of a new trend," he said. The third Friday of every March, June,

Eminent domain remains minor headwind as housing recovers LenderLive: When will private-label securitization return? Libremax’s Lippmann likes student loan debt, mortgage bonds – LibreMax’s returns rose 1.45 percent last month. Investors in non-agency mortgages have been waiting for the private label securitization market to open up again, as the existing pool of those.We understand your financing needs because we are a unique mortgage brokerage: a joint venture of the Rent Stabilization Association – which has represented your interests for over 45 years – and the nyc housing partnership – which has a history of over 35 years creating workforce housing in NYC.

As alluded to above, quadruple witching Fridays happen just four times per calendar year, on the third Friday of every March, June, September, and December.

Mortgage applications surge on low interest rates As mortgage interest rates dropped last week, homeowners and buyers raced to submit their refinance and other loan applications before rates start going up again. The post With Mortgage Rates at a Low, Loan and refinance applications surge appeared first on Real Estate News & Insights | .

"On the third Friday of eight months of the year, we have a double witching hour, when just the corresponding stock and index options expire. But it gets really scary on the third Fridays of June, September, December and March, when the index futures also expire and we have a triple witching hour.

Quadruple witching will also take place for the fourth and final time this year. This is a phenomenon that occurs on the third Friday in March, June, September and December.

Halloween is still more than a month away, but today looks like it might be a good day for a “witching.” A “quadruple witching. in stride the upward march of 10-year yields, which rose to 3.07%.

The Dove: Keep interest rates low A low interest rate environment occurs when the risk-free rate of interest, typically set by a central bank, is lower than the historic average for a prolonged period of time. In the United States.

This makes for a potential Press Release touting numbers as much as twice (or more) last year’s first weekend sales. of the thesis within this article. However, quadruple witching this Friday is a.

CoreLogic plans to sell Asset Management and Processing Solutions Interview with Michael Whiting, Vice President – Global Delivery, CoreLogic. Barbara Hodge: Mike, can you provide some background on CoreLogic’s operations – how was the organization structured after the spin-off from First American? Michael Whiting:.

Two major market events that have the potential to send U.S. equity volumes sky-high will collide Friday. The first is the quarterly. day with the combination of quadruple witching, which only.