17, Harry Rapkin, a judge overseeing foreclosures in the district, dismissed 61 foreclosure cases. The plaintiffs can refile but they need to pay new filing fees, Mr. Haworth said. The byzantine.

A federal judge eventually dismissed. Citi, Bank of America, and GMAC (now called Ally Financial)-over allegedly abusive mortgage and foreclosure practices. More than $25 billion in relief was.

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The couple’s claims against the other defendants were dismissed prior to a trial. the Martins’ “alleged connection with [Bank of America] is even more tenuous,” the panel said. “Plaintiffs’ causal.

 · The California Court of Appeal for the Fifth Appellate District has issued a 29-page opinion which reversed the trial court’s grant of Bank of America’s demurrer (Motion to Dismiss) as to certain claims made by the homeowner, including his claims for Wrongful Foreclosure, Quiet Title, Declaratory Relief, Cancellation of Instruments, and unfair business practices under CA’s Business.

CoreLogic: Foreclosures decline 16% in July  · CoreLogic’s Loan Performance Insights report for April shows that U.S. mortgages 30 or more days past due fell year over year in April.. Foreclosures Decline in April. By Paul Ausick July.

Contents Bad securitization theory huffington post reported Offsetting. discretion.pdf (accessed december 30 skipping payments. The lawsuit names JPMorgan, Chase Bank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo as well as Virginia-based MERSCORP and its subsidiary, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems.

According to these recent filings, DOJ is interested in subprime auto lending origination and securitization (sounds eerily familiar to anyone involved in the recent mortgage matters). FIRREA is the.

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The legal theory involves a concept called “standing”-that is, who has the right to foreclose. Homeowners sometimes think that in order to have standing, the foreclosing bank must produce the note as well as an assignment showing that the loan was transferred to that bank. But when a promissory note transfers from one party to another, many courts have decided that the mortgage or deed of trust that.

Homeowners Win Lawsuit Over Fraudulent Foreclosure But May Still Lose House. They finally had their day in court this summer, where their lawyer convinced the jury that the bank had violated a 2009 law requiring lenders to give borrowers an additional 60 days before filing a notice of trustee sale.

foreclosure, partial claims, special forbearance and recasting mortgages. Relevant to this appeal, Ellis claims BNY did not properly investigate loss mitigation possibilities. The foreclosure amount sought in the complaint is based upon accelerated amounts that, pursuant to the mortgage note,

Mortgage applications surge on refinancing boom Refinance applications fell 11 percent. A turnaround in interest rates turned borrowers back on their heels last week, deflating a quick boom in refinance demand. Mortgage application volume fell 5.6%.